Pastor Mark Klaisner

Pastor’s Office Hours:Image result for mark Klaisner

Mondays through Thursdays  9am to  12pm  

 I consider myself blessed serving as the pastor to First United Methodist Church of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

I feel fortunate to offer my 31 years of experience to the local parish. Ministry is about clergy and laity being in partnership in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community, nation, and the world. This partnership involves developing and sharing our gifts and graces together, whether great or small, so that we can be the eyes, hands, and feet of Christ to those we are blessed to encounter.

Like many of you my relationship with Christ is one that has evolved through my years of spiritual maturity and ministerial experience.  As a painter I see Christ as the “Master Artist” who can take the blank canvas of our lives and make it into a beautiful creation. That is the power of having a personal relationship with Jesus. My reliance on His grace is the foundation on which I stand, and on which my spirit survives. As God, in Christ, offered His creative grace to redeem my life I want others to share it.

Ministry, ultimately, is based on the belief that the church is opened to all people.    No matter what the persons life’s journey, social-economic back ground, or sexual orientation, they need to be loved and respected as a child of God. Everyone has a place in the church and in the Gospel message.  My ministry has been predicated on that belief and always will.

We hope that First UMC of Rhineland can be a place for you to grow and to experience the joys of God’s richest blessings.


Pastor Mark Klaisner


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