Pastor Keith Wolf

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“You have arranged the earth, set all its boundaries;

    You are the Architect of the seasons: summer and winter.” (Psalm 74:17)


Summertime…and the living is easy!


   And so the familiar refrain goes.  When I think of summer, I think of lazy days and relaxing in the sun.  I think of joyful days and splashing in the water.  I think of fun-filled days and vacationing away from home.  I think of graduations, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, parades, grilling out, county fairs and State fairs, summer camp, family reunions and just taking it easy.


            What do you think about?  Some people think about fishing.  Others think about good summer reading.  While others enjoy taking care of the lawn and the garden.  I don’t golf.  You wouldn’t want to see me try.  But I know that is another summer passion for many people. 


            The point is that no matter what you like to do in the summer, make sure you take advantage of the opportunities to do it.  Don’t let the summer whiz by and find yourself wondering where it went.  And don’t go overboard trying to cram too much in.  Don’t think you have to do everything, go to every event, or make everyone happy.  Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities to give yourself a break and just do nothing sometimes.


                        When God created the world, God created order and rhythm out of chaos. God put the stars and planets in motion, set the days and the nights, made the seasons of the year and, most importantly, established the Sabbath –  a time for rest.


If your occupation is busiest in the summer, whether it be that you farm or cater to tourists or make a living mowing lawns, give yourself permission to enjoy the warmth and the sun some of the time as well.  Summer is so short and for most of the rest of the year, we are starved of warmth and sunshine.  You may have to make hay while the sun shines, but your mental and emotional health need the sun just as much as your livelihood.


Honor the Lord this summer by allowing God to create order out of the chaos in your life with a healthy balance of work, play, rest, relationships, and solitude.  Start each day with a simple prayer in which you offer back to God the new day has been placed before you.  Only then will your “living be easy” not only in the summer but in all the seasons of your life.


Your servant Pastor,


Pastor Keith

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